About Terry Fritz Memorial Foundation Inc.

The Terry Fritz Memorial Foundation Inc is a
501 (c)(3): 84-4765573, non-profit organization. 

Our Mission is to proactively educate people about the signs of Substance Abuse Disorder and provide aid to those individuals without means to work with trained professionals and other organizations that provide rehabilitation, support, and counseling services.


October 1st, 2014, I lost my beloved 26 year old brother, Terry Fritz to a heroin overdose. Terry was a beautiful soul who was more concerned with helping others, than asking for the help that he so dearly needed.


My family was aware of Terry’s struggle with addiction, but did not know how to help. Since my brothers passing, we have learned much about heroin addiction, recovery, and education.


For the past 5 years we have hosted a charitable golf outing and donated over $95,000 to local, nonprofit organizations that work alongside us in the recovery community!

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